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About Us

Founded in 2010, the Richard T. Fields Bar Association represents the interests of African-American attorneys in the Inland Empire. As the local affiliate of the National Bar Association and the California Association of Black Lawyers, it seeks to promote initiatives to increase the number of youth of color who pursue careers in law and to promote justice for communities of color in the Inland Empire. The organization was preceded by the African American Attorneys Association of the Inland Empire, which operated in the 1990s and shared many of the goals of the current organization.

Richard T Fields Bar Association has participated in many activities to support the local community.  Some of the activities include:

  • Participation in the SOAR Initiative. SOAR  (Seeking Other Alternatives before Responding) was a collection of attorneys and local attorneys that visited several high school campuses that helped youth and law enforcement understand the tension that exists during law enforcement encounters. Its goal was to educate youth on their rights if ever stopped by law enforcement while giving the law enforcement officer's perspective.

  • Support of the Adrienne "Dell" and Carmen Roberts Foundation in Riverside

  • Donations to the homeless during Christmas

  • Donations of food baskets to needy families at Thanksgiving

  • Providing scholarships

In addition to supporting the local community, the bar association provides the following programs for  the legal community:

  • Sponsoring MCLEs

  • Networking Mixers

  • Provide mentorship opportunities

  • Conduct an Annual Mock Interview program with LaVerne Law School’s BLSA that is designed to prepare minority law students for the rigorous interview process.

  • Host the Annual Judicial Mixer which brings attorneys and local judicial officers together.

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